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Today I am working on my game and getting the site on sme major search engines. Much isn't going on with the site now but if I can get some things working it will be a whole lot better.

Wasn't able to work on my site today so check back tomorrow.

Today I added the villians bios page. I ment to do it earlier but I got side tracked. Not much else to report for today. I am working on adding my site to more searches and maybe some web rings.

Today I didn't do much work to the site, but I did submit the site to about 40 different websites(thats probably how you were able to find this site) now maybe I will have more hits and then tripod will give me better recognition. I hope you like the site and come back often!

I have added more characters into my bios page and will create a villan bios page later. I put more pictures in the young Gohan section and I created the adult Gohan section. I will add more pictures for it while I am waiting for someone to get on. I am adding more charcters to my game so it will be more fun. I am adding a chibi trunks and a goten.
Also I am adding a super saiyan saiyan2 Gohan and Goku. Those scouts will die!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I was at my dad's and I couldn't work on the site then. I,ve added more pictures to each of the pics pages and worked more on the music problem.
I will put up a new page for pics of Gohan as an adult, probably tomorrow. I will probably finish adding pictures to the other pages then.

Ok now I am working on adding music to my site. I am trying to get this song to start playing when you first reach my site. There are a few more changes I am making to my pictures section. I am putting the pictures on to links because it was taking to long for the page to load with them all one one page.

My title on my page is not showing so I am working on that now. After that is fixed I am adding a some music to my site. Also I dedcided to work on my game some today since I have extra time. Also I am making some more changes to my guestbook. The title is fixed it seems there was something wrong with my connection then. Like the scene at the top of my page, I added it today along with several others.

Today I changed the design of my site to the one you see now, it fits my needs better. I have gathered enough animated gifs to create a page of them. It will be up soon, also I have more pictures to put up in my pics section. I have decided to postpone working on my game until I get this site up running better. When I am satisfied I will get back to working on it. I finally added a guestbook, I know it looks stupid now but I am workin on getting the picture changed. Please sign my guestbook.

Ok I have got my counter to working but I am working on adding a guestbook so you can sign it. I added some animations to the top of some of my pages. I haven't had time to work on my game since I have started this site, but I hope I will be able to soon. Maybe, if I have time, I can work on it tonight. It's coming along good right now but I am working on the opening scene more. Thats all for this update.

This is the second day of working on this site. I am trying to add a counter to my homepage. If you know an easy counter that I can load onto my site please e-mail me the name and the place I can find it. I didn't have much time to work on my site today so please check back later for more developments. I am also working on adding some animated gifs to my site. That is all I have to say in this update.

Today is the first day I started on my site. I spent awhile working on the site so if you have any comments I sure would appreciate them. I will post any updates up in this part of my site. If I am able to I will try to post one everyday so check back often. I do not know when I will be able to put a demo of my game up so hang on for more updates. Email often for any improvements I may make.

My game

I am currently working on something else besides this site and that is my game. I am working on an RPG(Role Play Game) on DBZ. It is About the battles between the Dragonballz gang and Sailor Moon. The object of the game will be to find and destroy all those sailor scouts! Sorry to all those Sailor Moon fans. I will post a demo of the game later on, look for updates. I will also upload a copy of the rpg maker I used so check back at my site for later developements.

I update daily so check back often!